3DS Max orbit (view rotation) with right mouse button

Hold RMB and drag to orbit view, single click on RMB still opens the context menu.
Autohotkey ahk:

;3dsmax hotkey remap

#IfWinActive, ahk_exe 3dsmax.exe

MouseGetPos, x, y

While (rbtDrag=0 AND GetKeyState("RButton", "P"))
  MouseGetPos, new_x, new_y
  ;ToolTip, % "ahk[" . (new_x - x) . ":" . (y-new_y) . "]" . rbtDrag
  if ((abs(new_x-x) > rbtDragThreshold) OR (abs(new_y-y) > rbtDragThreshold) ) {
if (rbtDrag=1) {
    SendInput, {Alt Down}{MButton Down}

RButton Up::
if (rbtDrag=1) {
    SendInput, {MButton Up}{Alt Up}
} else {
    ; original RButton function
    SendInput, {RButton}





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  1. Hey Dabinn
    I’m working on GTA IV’s .WFT format
    just read your article and was interested in what you got.

    Is there any way of contacting you?
    I’m going through the same process to unlock those files but things are getting a bit complicated.
    I would be really appreciated for just a small help to figure this out faster.

    thanks in advance.

  2. Never mind dude.
    I finally figured it out.

    never knew that SparkIV is opensource
    may expand it’s features later in my free time.

    Thanks a lot for the clue you gave me 😉

  3. Hi M995,
    I have modified the code base on SparkIV 0.7.0 Beta 1, which can display locked models. It may save your time. If you need the source code I’ll upload to Github.

  4. Hey, Thanks a lot DABINN
    Of course, it saved my time a lot, just figured it out based on your clue.
    had to use IndexBuffer and VertexBuffer to recalculate the FaceCount, VertexCount, and IndexCount manually.
    Now I’m interested in GTA V .yft format locks but don’t have the time to work on it, unfortunately.

    anyways, just wanted to thank you for being kind on letting others know what you learned
    Have a great day/night 🙏


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