GTA IV .WFT Unlocker (2)



– GTA IV RSC Manager
– 010 Editor
– ZModeler2

0. 用ZModeler2測試一下,有上鎖的檔案會提示不能匯入
1. 打開GTA IV RSC Manager,把WFT檔的內容解壓
2. 010 Editor載入WFT,以及寫好的template(,解鎖用的script(wft-unlock.1sc)並且執行 (一定要先執行template才能用解鎖script,不然會出錯)
3. 回到GTA IV RSC Manager,把WFT壓縮回去
4. 再用ZModeler2檔案就已經解鎖可以匯入了。


9 thoughts on “GTA IV .WFT Unlocker (2)

  1. Dabinn大您好,小弟偶然逛到這篇文章,不知您願意私下提供wft.bt和wft-unlock.1sc給小弟私下研究嗎?

  2. Hello Dabinn,

    my name is Mr.Bolleck,
    I would like to ask you if you can send me your scripts from your video (,

    Unfortunately I had an HHD crash at the time and most of my ModCars got lost, now I would like to convert some of them to GTA V. however, I only have the locked .wft files myself.

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